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These are some recent screen shots of the game.

It’s very very early, so a lot can change, but I am pretty settled on how it looks now.

I choose to use a 3D model over a 2D sprite sheet for multiple reasons.

For a single player game, or one that only uses a few outfits, a sprite sheet would be a great idea.
But for an mmo, its a terrible terrible idea. I would have to make sure every single item, armor, weapon, is reanimated with each outfit so the blend well with each other.

I thought about using a 2D character rig, but even that was a pain when doing top down animations. So 3D it is.

I think it blends in fine. It may take you a couple of mins playing like this, but you’ll get used to it very fast and wish all pixel games used 3D models for characters. After all, 2D is just side and top views of a 3D object, so anything can be made into 2D 🙂